What are Transaction Fees?

Transaction Fees can be significant… typically several hundred dollars. So what are they? Transaction fees (AKA Administrative Fee, Broker Service Fees) are a flat fee some real estate companies charge for EACH transaction to cover the cost of things like “document storage” and “management”.  If you sign a contract with a Transaction Fee and are selling a property in order to purchasing your next, you are likely to get charged a Transaction Fee on BOTH transactions.

Such fees must be disclosed up front, in the contract signed early in the process. Be sure to read the contract in its entirety and ASK QUESTIONS before signing.

Not all real estate companies charge these fees. So, the next time you are buying and/or selling a home, be sure to ask “Does your company have a Transaction Fee? If so, what is the amount?”

Town & Country Realty does NOT charge Transactions Fees, letting clients keep more hard earned money in their pocket.

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