As noted in my last post, Maria Bosak of Eco-Chic held a special decorating demonstration for my guests.

Maria also showed us how to “tablescape” and update the basic design thru the holidays

Maria starts with a tablerunner… you don’t need one, but she likes hers to give an even “frame” around the table

-add “garland”  down the middle. Garland can be beautiful branches or even a decorative rope. Don’t be afraid to try the unusual, it might be stunning.

-use a collection of similar items you love in varying heights like candsticks, going high-low-high-low

Add seasonal items into the mix like mini pumpkins for thanksgiving, ornaments for Christmas and silver or white items for January. Pull out your pink/red for February.  March 1 get your spring pastel colors out!

Thanks Maria and Eco-Chic!

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